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In 1883, chemist and inventor John Bean began constructing a high pressure, continuous action spray pump to control pests in his fruit orchard. That same year, Bean Spray Pump Company was born in Los Gatos CA. In 1886, Bean showed his first spray pump at the California State Fair.  His first pump “operated by air pressure from a charged cylinder and gave any density of spray desired.”1


By the time of his passing in 1909 at the age of 88, Bean had filed for more than 100 patents for various machines and improvements to existing ones.  He was said to “have perfected a pump for spraying orchard only shortly before his death.”2   One of his original pumps is on display at the Forbes Mill Museum in Los Gatos, CA.


In 1928 John Bean Manufacturing Company went public on the California Stock exchange. After John Bean acquired a few other companies they changed their name to Food Machinery Corporation later shorted to the FMC. Many years later, in 1994, Durand-Wayland, Inc. acquired the John Bean division of FMC that consisted of municipal jetters as well as agricultural sprayers.


Currently, John Bean Jetters are engineered in LaGrange, GA USA.  Durand-Wayland and John Bean Jetters have set the standard for quality, service and customer care in the industry. By using the highest quality materials and parts, each Jetter will give you years of use.




1.Sacramento Daily Record-Union, Sept 16, 1886

2.Oakland Tribune, Mar 20, 1909

John Bean. Jan 2 1821 - March 18 1909, Painting, Durand-Wayland, Inc. collection

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We're Tough on Grime...

John Bean SewerJets help you tackle the grimiest jobs with ease. Our SewerJets are safe, efficient, reliable and easy to operate while keeping sewers and drains clean and clear year-round. Whether for routine cleaning and maintenance or emergencies, John Bean SewerJets blast through debris quickly and easily.


The John Bean SewerJet requires only one operator and tows easily behind most standard duty pickup trucks. The operator can control all functions of the John Bean SewerJet while still focusing on the work and progress. A hydraulically driven hose reel, mounted on an optional precision milled bearing system, allows the user easy access to the line regardless of vehicle location.


John Bean SewerJets can also be utilized to help extend the life of your outdoor machinery and equipment.  Using the auxiliary wash-down hose outlet allows you to remove mud, grass, and other debris from your dozers, graders, mowers, and vehicles. Then, bring the SewerJet indoors to clean and prepare surfaces for painting, industrial cleaning, and general plant maintenance.


It doesn’t matter if it’s indoor or outdoor, the beginning or end of the day, your John Bean SewerJet is ready to get the job done.



John Bean™ Jetters is a division of Durand-Wayland, Inc.

For more information on John Bean™ Sprayers, Durand-Wayland Sprayers and Packinghouse Equipment visit Durand-Wayland.com


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